Your Ultimate Guide To A Powerful Book Launch

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How to promote your book for free, top the charts, and make sales


If you’re looking to self-publish a book and want to reach a wide audience while on a tight budget, then this guide is for you.

How you prepare for your book promotion will shape the entire performance of your book afterward and whether it makes sales or rank on charts or not.

And the preparation starts way before your actual launch date; especially if this is your first book and you don’t have a huge fanbase/following to instantly support you and your book on launch day.

How will this guide benefit you?


In this guide, you will:

1. learn how to reach a wide range of readers for free;

2. understand the different and most effective strategies for book promotion;

3. know the exact steps needed to build an interested audience from scratch & get reviews;

4. learn how, where, and when you should market your book for maximum results.

What Readers Said About This Guide…


It is filled with practical and easy to implement tips for an effective book launch. Actually, I’m rather impressed at the level of detail presented in the contents. It's definitely not one of those books that were just thrown together for the sake of clicks...Gosh, the eBook even details distribution information. Someone spent hours reading the fine print to fully understand how these stores operate. Talk about dedication and discipline and attention to detail. Taryn

For anyone looking to self-publish, this book is FULL of amazing tips. —Sue Pickford

I followed the clear steps throughout the Ultimate Guide To A Powerful Book Launch as I published my own ebook at the start of the month, and managed to achieve my month's sales goal within a matter of 2 days! Definitely worth a read if you're looking to have a Powerful Book Launch on a budget. —Katie

It’s a must-have for anyone looking to self-publish their own book, and takes so much fear and confusion out of the process – once you’ve read this you’ll know exactly what you need to do, when you need to do it by, and what it should all look like. Whether you’re looking at Amazon self-publishing, KDP publishing, or another indie self-publishing method, there is so much to learn from this book. —Hannah Read

This book really educated me on what to do in order to publish my first book...This is the book I used to prepare for my book launch. Highly recommend if you're interested in self-publishing. —Kelsea Cole

There have been so many things I didn’t know I didn’t know. Though I am in the process of writing, it came to my attention from this guide there are many things I can be doing even now to prepare and build up to a successful launch. For example, I am using her tips and steps in building an audience at this point even while I am writing. —Erin Yung

I highly recommend this very informative book for any aspiring writers who have a dream of publishing a book. It is a step by step guide that is easy to understand and will be my go-to when I am ready. It comes with all the links necessary you will need during the process and lots of pro-tips for beginners. —Sandra Riguzzi

It's really thorough and packed full of great ideas. Love how it included various routes depending on the audience and the amount of followers you have. Love it! —Finn

It is absolutely packed with information on exactly what to do at every phase of your book launch...One of my favorite things about this guide is that it includes a thorough checklist at the end, so you won’t miss any steps. I know when I go to publish I will be referring to [it]. —Alison Kelly

Additional Bonus!

Along with this guide, you will get a FREE 4-page printable timeline checklist to help you stay organized through this process and to avoid missing any important steps.

It will act as a summary, so you can have a look at the list and know what your next step is, instead of having to go through the guide every time.

Within this checklist, you will find another 4 lined pages for your notes, to document your plan’s schedule and add any important details regarding your promotion plan. This way you can have everything related to your book promotion in one place.

Want to take your book publication, marketing, and promotion process to the next level but can’t afford paying too much on costly agencies or paid ads ()?

With Powerful Book Launch you will invest the smallest amount possible and it will still lead you to a highly successful book launch where you build an audience for yourself, get reviews, and make sales.

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A condensed resource of 70+ pages, packed with actionable steps covering all you need to learn to successfully promote your self-published book.

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Your Ultimate Guide To A Powerful Book Launch

3 ratings
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